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Microservices – Part 6 – Final Deploy

We have created stacks. We have updated them manually to Amazon S3. We can launch them easily from the AWS Console > CloudFormation View. Now it is time to use some CI/CD scripts which will deploy our mi...


Microservices – Part 5 – Stack for another service

We have now all we need to start splitting the monolithic application into micro-services. All we have to do from now on is: Discuss about the micro-services you will create;Take code apart from the big appl...


Microservices – Part 4 – Stack for the monolith

We have created the base stack, now let’s consider our monolithic application that it is actually a micro-service, so let’s deploy it to our previously created infrastructure. After all the base ...


Microservices – Part 3 – AWS CloudFormation Stack

In this article, I am going to explain how to setup a base stack for Amazon Cloud Formation service. This stack will create several shared resources needed for deploying docker containers on Windows Server 2016...


Microservices – Part 2 – Move to Docker

Now that I have presented how we used to do deploys, the next step is to move our current application to be hosted into Docker. First thing first, we have updated QA and STAGE servers to Windows Server 2016 ...


Microservices – Part 1 – The Monolith

In this article I am going to present to you how our current infrastructure was looking like. Beside presenting it, I will also share with you scripts and code that we used to use. At this moment we have a b...


Microservices – Introduction

You may change your big and cool application to micro-services for a lot of reasons. This article is not about why switching our applications to a micro-services oriented architecture, but on how we chose to do...


Transform a monolithic SOA application to a micro-services based one

We started to move a monolithic service oriented architecture(SOA) application towards micro-services and our first goal is to use container-based solutions for delivering our cloud services.As it is the most c...


MEF Plugins

Overview MEF (Managed Extensibility Framework) was used for the plugin implementation. A description of how the plugin system works is given below with information on both the MEF and our own implementation...


Event Publishing and Subscribing

Event Publishing/Subscribing The event publishing and subscribing mechanism was introduced for several reasons: To allow the communication between our current applications hosted in separate servers (web ...