Amadeus is the largest technological provider in the worldwide travel and tourism industry, with an estimated market share of 43% in 2018.

Client: Amadeus Sophia Antipolis

Industry: Travel

Services: IT Consultancy, cloud software, C++, Linux, Eclipse

Project description

Amadeus Altéa Customer Management System(CMS) is a software suite which addresses airlines sales and reservations, inventory management and departure control.

With Altéa, airlines outsource their IT operations onto a community platform which allows them to share information with both airline alliance and code-share partners.

Altéa Inventory is a module of Altéa CMS, providing schedule and seat capacity management on a flight-by-flight basis.

Our contribution

Work as a contractor within the global core department, low fare search team.

  1. Integrate Air Asia into the new generation of airplane availability server.
  2. Implemented the publication of airlines AVS/MAS messages, consolidated, from Altea Inventory AVS to Low Fare Search ATS. ATS Low Fare Search (LFS) also receives and store AVS; but it does not implement the whole functionality, which leads to discrepancies between Low Fare availability and regular availability.

Rather than enhancing the LFS software so that it fully implements all AVS/MAS processing features, it is considered much simpler to have the TTY processing completely done on Altea Inventory AVS (APL) side, and then APL forwarding the consolidated final data to LFS.