Xerox is a major player into the continuous feed printing market.

Client: Xerox CFET Brussels

Industry: Printing

Services: IT Consultancy, embedded software, C++, Visual Studio, MFC, Windows Embedded, C# .Net, UI

Our contribution

Redesigned the printer engine in order to support 4 color planes instead of one. The main challenge was to optimize the engine to support the high printing speeds involved into this niche.
We implemented a mechanism in the existing Stampa printer service software that accepts incoming IOCA FS45 data streams and renders these through the Stampa infrastructure. As documented in the IOCA specification, if a printer service claims to support FS45, both FS42 and FS40 must also be supported. The Stampa software conformed to this requirement.

Implemented an internal tool for creating IBM AFP print flows in a user friendly manner.